Images, Video, Podcasts and Viral Marketing

The human mind loves images. I learned this from Professor Dunnington during my Visual Public Relations class. Our brain sees an image and decodes the image to find out information. Our brain also likes to connect the picture we are looking at to something relatable in our memory. Thus creates a relationship between the picture we are looking at and what it is now connected to in our memory. This makes the information that we are decoding easy to comprehend.

Personally I would rather see a picture than read a short paragraph. While scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed I am more likely to stop and look at an image than a worded status. Words bore me but a picture is worth a thousand words.

The same goes for videos, except I do not always stop to watch videos unless they really catch my attention. Videos are a good way because viewer usually get words spoken or music and images. Videos are the best of both worlds. Images and the written
(sometimes spoken) word.


Video and podcast are popular tools to get messages out. My boyfriend likes to watch videos of his favorite talk shows and listen to podcast that are on all different topics. He watches them around the clock. I was never into podcast but he opened my eyes on them and why they are useful.


A Podcast is audio content that usually is tied to a subscription, so listeners receive regular updates when new ones are posted. Podcasts are like radio shows except you can download them and listen to each episode at your own convenience.

Images and videos posted online are more effective at their job of disseminating messages to consumers over regular print media. Once our brains receive a message, it creates a relationship, and retains the information learned.

Many of us have heard of viral videos, but what made those videos go viral? Was it just someone goofing off, or maybe it was a well done commercial.

Viral marketing is a message that becomes viral by passing it on for others to see. A couple was this can be done by sharing the post of Facebook or retweeting the Tweet. Vivral marketing is a marketing tool that is meant to increase a brands awareness to consumers.

Viral marketing not only uses the internet to catch peoples eyes but uses what I like to call free advertising, word of mouth. Word of mouth is great because one person tells someone and then they tell two people and so on and so on. Besides Word of mouth,Creating a buzz and Network marketing are other methods used to spread messages. Companies who know how to use viral marketing correctly would greatly benefit from it. 


Social PR Secrets: How to Optimize, Socialize, and Publicize Your Brand’s News by Lisa Buyer. [Book Review]

For my Graduate course Online Public Relations, one of the books required for the class was Social PR Secrets: How to Optimize, Socialize, and Publicize Your Brand’s News by Lisa Buyer. This book went from an assigned reading to a staple in my everyday life. Buyer opened my eyes up to things I did not even know was possible and let me look at Public Relations in a new light.

For anyone in the communication profession, I strongly recommend purchasing this book. It is very important in Public Relations and any communication job to stay up to date with our evolving industry. This book will give readers solid information to help them continue to grow as professionals.

Buyer talks about topics my professor had a hard time covering like Snapchat, Instagram and other online social media because that was not their expertise. I have heard from a couple professors they were not going to teach us that much on social media because we should already know enough about social media. Buyer’s book was able to help fill the gaps that I was missing.

Her book has 30 chapters and is full of important Public Relations knowledge. Her first chapter touches on social Public Relations evolution and revolution. She covers in her book different social media strategies for different social media sites. Chapter 23 to chapter 28 is about different sites and secrets she has for them. She covers Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Linkedin and Twitter.

As I stated earlier, this book is a Public Relations Practitioner’s staple. I will continue to use this book even after my class is over. Buyer has taught me skills and brought a new way of thinking to my public relations tactics.

Search Engine Optimization

I pulled up Google on my cell phone today to search for graduation invitations. In 0.39 seconds Google showed about 13,200,000 results. The first four results had [Ad] next to their website name and the rest did not.

Before I knew what Search engine optimization was, I never knew how or why Google showed certain websites first over other sites.

One of the most important skill to acquire not only in general but for Public Relations is Search Engine Optimization. Having this skill helps bring traffic to a website and shine light onto the product or service the website is offering. It is all about the words chosen for SEO.

David Meerman Scott has a chapter in his book The New Rules of Marketing and PR about SEO.

*Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of ensuring that the words and phrases on your site, blog, and other online content are found by the search engines and that, once found, your site is given the highest ranking possible in the natural search results (i.e., what the search engine algorithm deems important for the phrase entered). [page 396]

*Search engine advertising is when marketer pays to have advertising appear in search engines when a user types in a particular phrase that the marketer has purchased. Usually this advertising comes in the form of small text ads appearing next to the natural search results for a particular search term. Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Yahoo! Search Marketing are the three large search engine advertising programs. Marketers bid to have their ads appear based on keywords and phrases, competing against others who want the same phrases. Your ad will appear somewhere in the list of ads for that phrase based on a formula used by the search engine that takes into account two main factors: how much you are willing to bid (in dollars and cents) for each person who clicks the ad, plus your click-through rate (the number of people who click your ad divided by the number of people who see it in the search results). [Page 396]

I had learned the basic’s about SEO in a few of my courses but none of them went deep into what it was and how to use it. It was just the general knowledge. After reading chapter 23 in The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott and reading Hyper-Local SEO & Marketing by Donald Dunnington, I had learned a lot. I was able to add more knowledge to my SEO skills. I knew that you need to make sure you are tagging properly to make sure people are able to find your site but not the science that goes into it. One does not realize how much goes into SEO until they read about it.

Donald Dunnington touched on the topic of creating relationships with others in the professional world. It is very important for Public Relations practitioners to build relationships. This does not change when it comes to SEO. Relationships with one another is important in any line of work.

“SEO is the new PR and PR the new SEO When you talk to today’s SEO managers, the conversation frequently turns to the sort of relationship building that was the foundation for the public relations…The only difference is today’s SEO-oriented media relations are largely focused on online media, and a major objective is to influence your ranking in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), not just count news clippings.” – Donald Dunnington, Hyper-Local SEO & Marketing (pg. 28)

Online media has built in tools that help users know what is working and what is not working. Data gives us an insight. A site that most of my classmates have used for their internships is Google Analytics to help them collect data. Even my blog has analytics built in that shows me what post got the most hits. Online media and SEO work hand in hand.

Overall I learned about SEO and I hope to further my knowledge in SEO.

The New Rules of Marketing & PR

Currently I attend Rowan University and I am studying Public Relations and I minor in Advertising. I am enrolled in a graduate level course as an undergrad. For Public Relations Online one of the books we were assigned to read is The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott.
This book takes a new look on Public Relations and Marketing tactics. It opened my eyes to new ways of thinking. A chapter in the book is called The Old Rules of Marketing and PR Are Ineffective in an Online World. It talks about tactics that I was taught throughout my schooling career. It was amazing to see that sometimes professors are teaching outdated tactics.
Since the world is always involving, getting the message out that we want is always going to need to be updated.
I really enjoyed the chapter on Press Releases and the Journalistic Black Hole. I never enjoyed writing press releases for my class assignments. I always felt that they were not necessary. This chapter somewhat agreed with me.
This book is a staple to my Public Relations world. Since reading it I feel more comfortable as a Public Relations Practitioner and once I graduate in May, I will feel more prepared for the real world with the knowledge this book has given me.


Growing up, I’ve always changed my mind on what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to be the first woman president, a teacher, a Neonatal nurse and the usual rockstar and movie star. I had wild and crazy ambitions as a child growing up.
As I grew up, I started to figure out things I was passionate about. These passions were what I wanted to purse. I became worried about the money I would make. The idea of failure set me back more than once. Scared that I would fail and not make enough money to support not only myself but a potential family.
Lately I’ve been over the whole being an adult. Working two jobs and going to school is starting to wear me down. I do not have time to do the things that I am passionate about. Free time is for homework, napping and going to the gym.
Recently, a friend of mine contacted me to model. She owns a local floral shop in my town. I could not pass this opportunity up.
Before she contacted me, photographers contacted me wanting to shoot me. I always thought it was nice and I was always interested but my own insecurities got in the way.
I know a lot of people want to be models and famous but for me it isn’t about the fame. The chances of becoming a famous model is slim to none. But for me, I’d rather inspire others to follow their dream and love their body than get paid lots of money. It is more about being an inspiration to young girls and women.
Growing up I struggled with my weight. I was overweight for most of my life. I started getting in shape but struggled with anorexia. It was a very dark time in my life. I learned to overcome my struggle and deal with it everyday.
Going to the gym and getting into shape has helped me want to go actually go after my dream of being a model.
When I was younger I was in love with pinup girls. I loved how they dressed and the old school type of photos.
Someone very special to me told me that 99.99% of people do not go after their dreams and that I had to be the .01% that did. He told me that he believed in me and knew I could do anything that I set my mind too.
Knowing someone was able to see my passion and believed in me gave me the extra push that I needed.. Right after our talk, I contacted one of the photographers who asked me to model.
At the end of the day we must go after our dreams and do what our passions are. We should be living our best life. We should be making ourselves happy. Life is too short to be all work and no play. Always do something that makes you happy.

The countdown to graduation

On May 10th, 2017, I will walk across the stage with my fellow classmates. I am receiving my Bachelor’s in Public Relations and minor in Advertising. I am excited to finally be closing this chapter in my life but the fear of the unknown makes it hard.
Currently I battle with myself over attending graduate school or not. If I should wait to attend or go in the fall. I battle as well with my current student loans. If I do go to graduate school, should I start paying my undergrad loans right away or wait. I also am battling if I should try and find a better paying job regardless if I attend graduate school.
The place I have worked for, for the past seven years of my life
recently held interviews for potential to move up in their company. I spoke from my heart during my interview. When the interviewer asked where do you see yourself in five years, I said well a lot can happen in five years. I am focusing on graduating and going to graduate school. She appreciated my honesty. She kept repeating that I am graduating soon. With that in mind I kept expressing that I was very interested in moving up in the company. Since they are opening up a new store, that gives employees the opportunity to move up.
Getting out of my comfort zone is going to be a hard on. Right now I am a big fish in a small pond. As much as I do not like being the big fish in the small pond, being a small fish in a big pond scares me.
When the thought of graduation crosses my mind, I become overwhelmed with a rang of emotions. I know that graduating is a big step in my adult life and the thought of the unknown is the scariest thing.

Who I’m following on Twitter & other social media and why?

Social media is a huge part of Public Relations. Who we follow and friend on social media platforms is very important. I currently have two Twitters. One is my private personal account that I follow makeup accounts and my friends. My second account is my business professional account. My second Twitter account is where I follow Public Relations professionals, PR and advertising firms, along with local and national news stations.
I created two accounts so my business one did not get mixed up with my personal life. Following PR professionals lets me connect and network with them. I can get inspiration from their tweets, or even advice. I have received messages from a couple personal Twitter accounts thanking me for following them. They expressed how excited they are to see what I will talk about on my Twitter.
As I am building my professional Twitter, I am keeping in mind who and what type of business’ I want to network with. With this in mind I am able to follow accounts that will help me build and grow as a professional.

My Top Ten Places

(Photo Credit Google Images)

Close friends and family have told me thousands of travel stories ever since I could remember. I always knew places around the world I would love to see. A couple months ago I applied for my passport. When it came in the mail I could not wait to use it. I went out and bought a Michael Kors passport holder. With graduation coming up, I want to reward myself with a trip to one of my top ten places around the world.

My Top Ten Places are:

Poland to visit Auschwitz
Bora Bora

Since money is still tight working two jobs and attending school, the most reasonable one I will most likely reward myself with, is a trip to Canada.


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