Images, Video, Podcasts and Viral Marketing

The human mind loves images. I learned this from Professor Dunnington during my Visual Public Relations class. Our brain sees an image and decodes the image to find out information. Our brain also likes to connect the picture we are looking at to something relatable in our memory. Thus creates a relationship between the picture we are looking at and what it is now connected to in our memory. This makes the information that we are decoding easy to comprehend.

Personally I would rather see a picture than read a short paragraph. While scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed I am more likely to stop and look at an image than a worded status. Words bore me but a picture is worth a thousand words.

The same goes for videos, except I do not always stop to watch videos unless they really catch my attention. Videos are a good way because viewer usually get words spoken or music and images. Videos are the best of both worlds. Images and the written
(sometimes spoken) word.


Video and podcast are popular tools to get messages out. My boyfriend likes to watch videos of his favorite talk shows and listen to podcast that are on all different topics. He watches them around the clock. I was never into podcast but he opened my eyes on them and why they are useful.


A Podcast is audio content that usually is tied to a subscription, so listeners receive regular updates when new ones are posted. Podcasts are like radio shows except you can download them and listen to each episode at your own convenience.

Images and videos posted online are more effective at their job of disseminating messages to consumers over regular print media. Once our brains receive a message, it creates a relationship, and retains the information learned.

Many of us have heard of viral videos, but what made those videos go viral? Was it just someone goofing off, or maybe it was a well done commercial.

Viral marketing is a message that becomes viral by passing it on for others to see. A couple was this can be done by sharing the post of Facebook or retweeting the Tweet. Vivral marketing is a marketing tool that is meant to increase a brands awareness to consumers.

Viral marketing not only uses the internet to catch peoples eyes but uses what I like to call free advertising, word of mouth. Word of mouth is great because one person tells someone and then they tell two people and so on and so on. Besides Word of mouth,Creating a buzz and Network marketing are other methods used to spread messages. Companies who know how to use viral marketing correctly would greatly benefit from it. 


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