Social PR Secrets: How to Optimize, Socialize, and Publicize Your Brand’s News by Lisa Buyer. [Book Review]

For my Graduate course Online Public Relations, one of the books required for the class was Social PR Secrets: How to Optimize, Socialize, and Publicize Your Brand’s News by Lisa Buyer. This book went from an assigned reading to a staple in my everyday life. Buyer opened my eyes up to things I did not even know was possible and let me look at Public Relations in a new light.

For anyone in the communication profession, I strongly recommend purchasing this book. It is very important in Public Relations and any communication job to stay up to date with our evolving industry. This book will give readers solid information to help them continue to grow as professionals.

Buyer talks about topics my professor had a hard time covering like Snapchat, Instagram and other online social media because that was not their expertise. I have heard from a couple professors they were not going to teach us that much on social media because we should already know enough about social media. Buyer’s book was able to help fill the gaps that I was missing.

Her book has 30 chapters and is full of important Public Relations knowledge. Her first chapter touches on social Public Relations evolution and revolution. She covers in her book different social media strategies for different social media sites. Chapter 23 to chapter 28 is about different sites and secrets she has for them. She covers Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Linkedin and Twitter.

As I stated earlier, this book is a Public Relations Practitioner’s staple. I will continue to use this book even after my class is over. Buyer has taught me skills and brought a new way of thinking to my public relations tactics.


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