Who I’m following on Twitter & other social media and why?

Social media is a huge part of Public Relations. Who we follow and friend on social media platforms is very important. I currently have two Twitters. One is my private personal account that I follow makeup accounts and my friends. My second account is my business professional account. My second Twitter account is where I follow Public Relations professionals, PR and advertising firms, along with local and national news stations.
I created two accounts so my business one did not get mixed up with my personal life. Following PR professionals lets me connect and network with them. I can get inspiration from their tweets, or even advice. I have received messages from a couple personal Twitter accounts thanking me for following them. They expressed how excited they are to see what I will talk about on my Twitter.
As I am building my professional Twitter, I am keeping in mind who and what type of business’ I want to network with. With this in mind I am able to follow accounts that will help me build and grow as a professional.

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