The countdown to graduation

On May 10th, 2017, I will walk across the stage with my fellow classmates. I am receiving my Bachelor’s in Public Relations and minor in Advertising. I am excited to finally be closing this chapter in my life but the fear of the unknown makes it hard.
Currently I battle with myself over attending graduate school or not. If I should wait to attend or go in the fall. I battle as well with my current student loans. If I do go to graduate school, should I start paying my undergrad loans right away or wait. I also am battling if I should try and find a better paying job regardless if I attend graduate school.
The place I have worked for, for the past seven years of my life
recently held interviews for potential to move up in their company. I spoke from my heart during my interview. When the interviewer asked where do you see yourself in five years, I said well a lot can happen in five years. I am focusing on graduating and going to graduate school. She appreciated my honesty. She kept repeating that I am graduating soon. With that in mind I kept expressing that I was very interested in moving up in the company. Since they are opening up a new store, that gives employees the opportunity to move up.
Getting out of my comfort zone is going to be a hard on. Right now I am a big fish in a small pond. As much as I do not like being the big fish in the small pond, being a small fish in a big pond scares me.
When the thought of graduation crosses my mind, I become overwhelmed with a rang of emotions. I know that graduating is a big step in my adult life and the thought of the unknown is the scariest thing.

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