My Top Ten Places

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Close friends and family have told me thousands of travel stories ever since I could remember. I always knew places around the world I would love to see. A couple months ago I applied for my passport. When it came in the mail I could not wait to use it. I went out and bought a Michael Kors passport holder. With graduation coming up, I want to reward myself with a trip to one of my top ten places around the world.

My Top Ten Places are:

Poland to visit Auschwitz
Bora Bora

Since money is still tight working two jobs and attending school, the most reasonable one I will most likely reward myself with, is a trip to Canada.



7 thoughts on “My Top Ten Places

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      1. From your list I have been to Canada, Iceland, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Hawaii, Paris and Germany ( I grew up there, so that’s easy).

        I have written two different posts about Italy ( round trip throughout Italy and Rome), two different ones about Ireland ( Dublin and Northern Ireland), one about Paris and one about Hawaii.
        You can take a look if you want, maybe something inspires you.

        I have pretty much been everywhere in Germany, ask away.

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  1. You have a similar list to me. Iceland is one of the top places on my list! Enjoy exploring the world 🙂 My husband and I started a new travel blog recently. Check it out if you get a chance!


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