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Power Home Remodeling Group leased three billboards to express Philadelphia’s interest in LeBron James becoming part of the 76ers.

What is different about this approach is the placement of these billboards? Power Home Remodeling Group corporate headquarters is located in Chester, Pa. The Philadelphia area company decided to place their clever bid to lure James to the 76ers billboards in Cleveland instead of Philadelphia.

The company got their inspiration from the movie “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missour”.

Placing the billboards in Philadelphia would not have the same affect on LeBron and fans as it does being placed in Cleveland.

If the billboards were placed in Philadelphia, what are the chances the target audience (Lebron James) would see them in person?

Since the billboards are placed in Cleveland it is showing initiative. The billboards are saying we are Philadelphia and we want Lebron James. The billboards want James to not only trust the process but to complete the process by signing with the 76ers.

This is a perfect example of attack marketing. The three billboards utilize the power of social interactions to execute a non-traditional marketing campaign. These billboards increase name awareness, (Lebron and the 76ers) and create long-term buzz (Philadelphia sports team bid billboard placed in Cleveland).

The billboards create buzz because this is a different approach to getting someone’s attention. These billboards are not directed towards anyone except the one and only Lebron James! The billboards were strategically placed in Cleveland for James to personally see. The billboards to trying to convince James to sign with the 76ers. The last billboard in the trio calls for action with a social media hashtag. #PhillyWantsLebron 

The Cleveland city officials told Asher Raphael, CEO of Power Home Remodeling Group  the billboards would require a display of the company’s logo.

They also told the company that the billboards  are classified as a political advertisement.

These billboards are located on I-480 within ten minutes of Quicken Loans Arena.(Source)

Philly wants James badly and  we all know Philly fans are not afraid to voice their opinions.

“People don’t talk about Philly for LeBron because it’s an underdog town,” Raphael said. “But this would be the best situation for him. He could win championships here, the fans are great and it would be good for the NBA. It keeps LeBron in the Eastern Conference.” (Source)

The City of Brotherly Love fans hope James will see the billboards as a serious invitation to bring his talents to the team.

James is a three-time NBA champion and four-time league MVP. Philadelphia may be the under-dogs but having James on the team with the passion the 76ers have they will be unstoppable.

It’s widely believed James will go for a team with a core of talented players he can propel to the next level. James has a well-known mentorship relationship with 76ers rookie Ben Simmons

The 76ers also have a ample salary cap space with one of the best young rosters in the NBA. So overall James becoming a 76ers would definitely benefit his career.


This Thursday night the playoff-hungry 76ers will travel to Cleveland for a can’t miss matchup against the Cavaliers.


The NRA currently faces corporate backlash due to consumers voicing their opinions

Companies are quickly cutting their ties with the National Rifle Association shortly after the horrible Parkland School shooting that left 17 people dead. The NRA currently faces corporate backlash since companies consumers are voicing their opinions. Companies are taking a closer look to their investments, co-branding and other ties to the gun industry.

Since the Parkland School shooting a handful of companies ended their discount programs with the NRA. Members pay a $40 annual membership and receive access to special offers from partner companies. These offers rang from airlines to wine clubs.

Since the Parkland school shooting the NRA is the center of national attention. The NRA continues to block any legislation to help control gun violence. Americans are outraged at the NRA and companies no longer want their brand to stand with the NRA.

Cutting ties with the NRA is a great public relations move for companies. American’s are outraged at our countries gun violence and want their voice heard. By keeping their ties with the NRA companies will have negative public opinion. No company wants negative public opinion. Companies lose customers to negative public opinion. Once a company reaches negative public opinion turning the publics opinion back to positive is hard to do. Not impossible but takes time to build trust back into the public.


Bob Spitzer, a political scientist at SUNY Cortland and a scholar on gun politics said “If this is as far as it goes, it probably won’t have any measurable effect. If other companies continue to (cut ties) it can start to have an adverse public relations effect,” (Source)

Spitzer also said.“Usually what happens is that the storm passes, and the NRA counts on that.”

To make this an effective public relations move companies must listen to their consumers. Cut ties with the NRA or they could and most likely will lose business from their non-NRA consumers.

This movement is gaining momentum says Gene Grabowski, a partner at crisis communications firm KGlobal, “What we’re seeing here is that what couldn’t be accomplished politically is going to be accomplished in the marketplace,” (Source)

He is exactly right. Students who survived the shooting went right to pushing for stricter gun laws. These students use social media, cable TV appearances and public protests for new gun control measures.

Larry Hutcher, an attorney who specializes in commercial law and litigation, said companies are currently reacting to the perception that public opinion is changing on gun regulation. Quinnipiac University conducted a survey resulting in the growth of gun control support. 97 percent backs the idea of universal background checks. (Poll)

“It makes economic sense to get on the side of the majority of Americans,” said Hutcher, co-managing partner of Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP. (Source)

Companies exist to make a product or complete a service to make a profit. Staying tied with the NRA can and will cost companies revenue.

Advocates are not afraid to voice their opinion to companies to cut their ties with the powerful gun lobby. Instead of targeting the weapon makers they are reaching out to banks, rental car agencies, airlines and other companies who associate with the NRA.

Companies and their consumers are using their voice against the NRA to make a stand.

The First National Bank of Omaha dropped their NRA-branded Visa card.

The First National Bank of Omaha offered NRA member two types of credit cards. One credit card offered customers five percent back on gas and sporting goods store purchases. The second credit card offers members a low introduction annual percentage rate.

Enterprise Holdings Inc. operates Enterprise, Alamo and National Car Rental. They cut off discounts for NRA members.

Symantec has also stopped their discount program with the NRA. Their discount to NRA members was two months of free monitoring with a purchase of any new home security system.


The NRA has voiced their own opinion on the companies who decided to cut ties.

“Some corporations have decided to punish NRA membership in a shameful display of political and civic cowardice.”



Check out the full list of companies here.

The Under Dogs

For many fans this was a lifetime long dream of theirs, to see the Eagles win a Super Bowl. First off the Super Bowl game its self was phenomenal. I remember watching the Eagles vs Patriots Superbowl back in 2005 when I was in the 6th grade.

Fans all over were disappointed when they lost. I knew this time was the Eagles chance at redemption from 2005. Not only was the team getting criticism for Wentz being injured and earning the reputation of being under dogs, the team was reminded they lost in 2005. Not only did the fans know but the team knew this was their chance to beat the Patriots and knock Tom Brady down a notch.  Personally I believe that this team wanted the Super Bowl win more than any other Eagles team before.

Lots of faith was lost in the team when Quarterback Carson Wentz tore is ACL in his left knee. Nick Foles was now under a lot of pressure and that is when the team from the city of brotherly love all joined together to prove that HUNGRY DOGS RUN FASTER!

The Underdogs were here to play and no one was getting in their way.

The Eagles played an amazing game the whole time. The famous Philly Special came to life during their game. Fans all over are getting Philly Special play tattoos and businesses are making their own Philly Specials for their menus.

(Photo Credit)


Thursday came and it was time to celebrate with fans and the players for their win.


(For makeup that day I used Too faced glitter eye shadow primer and Urban Decays green glitter)

We left around 7:00 am after finally everyone getting ready and arriving to the house. Traffic going down to the city from Bucks County was not bad at all. We arrived and parked. Our game plan was to stay in the warm car until 10:30. We were right outside of the stadiums and Xfinity. It was not crowed at all at the beginning of the parade.

We were all part of Philadelphia history that day and that is what made the parade so special. You can win more than one Super Bowl but you can only win your first one once.

Finally it was show time for the underdogs.


We unfourtantly did not get to see Nick Foles, he was facing the opposite side of the bus and only saw Carson Wentz for a spilt second until he faced the other side of the bus.

mc-pictures-philadelphia-eagles-super-bowl-vic-121.jpg(Photo Credit)

We went to Chickies & Petes to watch the rest of the parade.


The buses arrived at the art museum at 2pm and it was time for their speeches.

Out of all of the speeches my favorite hands down was from Philadelphia’s spirit animal Jason Kelce .

(Photo Credit)
Jason was not afraid at all to speak his mind. If you have not seen his speech, please go to Youtube and watch it. It was the most amazing empowering speech I have ever heard. mc-pictures-philadelphia-eagles-super-bowl-vic-112.jpg(Photo Credit)

One thing is for sure this will not be the first time we are celebrating with the Eagles!

Philly Special

The famous play done by the E-A-G-L-E-S is getting recognition all over!


This past saturday I went to go see The Wizard of Oz at The broadway Theatre of Pitman. After the show we decided to get ice cream at Alaura Kitchen Homemade Ice Cream.

To show their support to the Super Bowl 52 champs, Alaura developed their own Philly Special flavor!

Make sure to stop in and try the Philly Special!


Ever since I was little I always wanted to learn how to snowboard. My parents did buy me a cheap little plastic snowboard from Kmart years ago. I would go out to our backyard after it would snow and use it down our hills. This snowboard wasn’t anything like the real ones.


Summer of 2017, I decided instead of waiting till after I went snowboarding a couple times and renting my gear like everyone told me to, I bought myself my own snowboard.

I went to Zumiez online and saw that they were having a huge sale. They had packaged deals, a board, bindings and boots for less than $350.00. I picked out a board I liked, black Burton bindings and black Burton boots to match.

(Aperture Cosmo)

(Burton Mint Black Womens Snowboard Boots)


(Burton Citizen Black Womens Snowboard Bindings)

Grant it, it was the most expensive treat yourself birthday gift I have ever bought but I was excited to finally learn the right way.

(First time at Blue Mountain)

The famous saying third times a charm was right in my situation. The first two times I went, I could not master how to get up. The people I went with could not teach me properly because they were still learning.

It was frustrating at first, trying to learn how to get up. I was miserable the whole time. But I kept telling myself that I had to keep going back and keep trying.

(Blue Mountain)

The first place I went was Blue Mountain. I felt so defeated that I could not get up but I saw others having the same problem. Guys were trying to teach their girlfriends. The girlfriends were screaming that they wanted to go home because they could not get up and once they did they would fall.

Every time I fell except once I laughed. My friend picked me up from behind but my snowboard slipped from under me and I fell right on my tail bone. That was painful to say the least.
(First time at Jack Frost)

Jack Frost was the second place I went. I did not dress as warm as I did for Blue Mountain. I was taking off layers, I was so hot. This time I needed more layers. It was freezing. I went with a different friend and he tried to show me how to get up. I still could not master it.

(Jack Frost)

The third time I went a friend from high school took me. He told me for months we would go and he would teach me. Anthony took my bindings off my board and placed them in a more comfortable position.

Since I was having trouble mastering how to get up, Anthony showed me an easier way. I had it down pact within two minutes. Once I learned how to get up this new way I was unstoppable. Literally unstoppable, meaning I was not stopping properly and would just fall.

(Freezing at Blue Mountain the second time)

Carving and the dreaded ski lift were the next two things to master. The ski lift did not scare me because of heights. What scared me the most was getting hit by the ski lift while trying to get on and off the lift.

I struggled with leaning on my heel side and my toe side.  Knee pads and butt pads would of came in handy. I would lean to far and fall. Learning to laugh at yourself makes everything a little better. Each time I fell I got right back up and started again. That was the only way I was going to learn.

Anthony complimented me and told me how good I looked. Even though I was still learning how to carve. I kept catching too much speed and let myself fall since I had not mastered properly stopping.

I unfortunately have Raynaud’s disease. My right pointer finger gets cold and goes numb. My gloves do not even help it. For Christmas I was giving hand and toe warmers but the hand ones did not help enough. During this trip, my finger went numb and never came back. Usually it goes numb and cold but comes back this time it did not. Days later and I do not have feeling in the top of my pointer finger.

After Anthony and I got to the bottom of the mountain we had lunch. After we relaxed for a bit we got our board and headed to the ski lift. I was very scared but he told me I would be okay. Heights do not scare me, I am more scared of missing the ski lift, getting hit with it or falling when getting off. I learned that the ski lift makes me motion sick and that is not a good combo when trying to get off and not throw up. Anthony gave me some pointers on how to get off. So I waited for his go and I began to turn my body and sit closer to the edge of the ski lift chair. He grabbed my hands and we stood up together and I made sure to put my left foot on my stomp pad. Regardless I fell. I quickly moved out of the way, laughing at myself. When I fell earlier in the day, I hurt my right side pretty bad that any time I fell that was the side getting hit. So I told Anthony to go snowboard while I walked my sad freezing self to the lodge.

(Blue Moon at Blue Mountain)

I got to the lodge, gave the women at the free ski/snowboard check my snowboard and I walked to the bar. I waited for Anthony to get done before we deiced we were both too cold and wanted to go home.

Third time was a charm in my case. When learning how to snowboard having the right teacher is important. Anthony made sure all my gear was right, even laced my boots for me. He kept going over every detail until I got it down. Now I am actually excited when I make plans to go snowboarding.



Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018


It is the new year which means everyone’s favorite saying “New year, new you!”. Except for myself, I am taking a different look at this new year. 365 days of opportunity. This year my resolutions are ones I know I can keep, none of those unrealistic ones.

Reflecting on the last couple years of my life, I spent most of my time trying to please everyone else. I would put everyone else before me. By doing that I learned there is noting wrong with that until it consumes you and you lose sense of yourself. At times it became unhealthy. So 2018 is the year I focus on myself. Mind, body and spirit.


I graduated from Rowan University in May of 2017. I have had little to no luck finding a job. In 2018 I would like to find a Public Relations job to get a jump start into my professional career.

I would like to finally move into Philadelphia with a couple of my close friends and my dog Lilo. If I learn how to live in Philadelphia, when I move to Boston (hopefully in 2019) living in the city will not be so bad since I am not a city girl at all.

I want to find more free time for doing things that I love like writing, photography, reading, snowboarding and taking Lilo out for hikes.

This year I would like to finally travel. I want to start checking off places on my bucket list. I was thinking of my first trip being to Canada. Since it is only about 8 hours by car to the Canadian border.

I would like to take my gym membership serious and actually work harder than ever towards a body that I am proud of. I want to focus more on meal prepping and finding the right protein shakes that I can stomach. My stomach is sensitive and a lot of the shakes made with artificially flavoring makes me sick.

In the fall I would like to attend graduate school. I wanted to go it right after graduating but decided to wait. I still am going not sure what I want to major in but I have a couple ideas.

I am hoping by focusing more on myself and doing the things I love to do, that 2018 will be a great year.




*Disclaimer: Images are from Google*

David Meerman Scott’s “The New Rules of Marketing & PR.” Book Review

“The New Rules of Marketing & PR.” by David Meerman Scott’s is my new Public Relations bible. This book is a staple that has taught me a lot. I would of never bought this book on my own and I am thankful my Graduate level Online Public Relations course required us to book this book. From cover to cover this book is full of knowledge and tips. Scott opened my eyes to things that I never thought of and made me look at Marketing and Public Relations through a different lens.

I strongly recommend purchasing this book. It is very important to stay up to date with new rules and techniques in this constant evolving industry.  This book will give readers solid information to help them continue to grow as professionals.

This book breaks down and shows readers how large and small companies, nonprofits and other organizations can create Web-based content to get to reach the correct audience at the right time and for the right price versus an expensive campaign.

My favorite thing about this book is how Mr. Scott explained the new vs. the old ways of Public Relations and Marketing. He showed how new ways of Public Relations and Marketing are important. It was neat to read about how different the way things are done now versus how the old ways were.

This book is one that I will keep by my side for years to come. This is a staple to have in my reference books. “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” is a great read from a professional level. I personally think everyone should read this book, it will change the way you think about Marketing and Public Relations.


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